I will give you a US Zip Code Database with Geo Info

give you a US Zip Code Database with Geo Info

About This Gig

I will provide you with 43000+ zip codes that include all of the following information compiled from various sources and updated regularly:

Postal Code 
state (two letter state abbreviation)
Long State Name (Full state name)
Latitude (4 decimals)
Longitude (4 decimals)

This is great for 'dealer locators on websites' as well as marketing purposes and other applications.

Formats available are sql dump or tab/comma delimited.  Please specify how you would like the data.

The gig extra includes the following additional fields (additional $10):

MSA Number (metropolitan statistical area number)
MSA Name (metropolitan statistical area number)
County Name (name of said county)
Population (2010)
Median Age (2010 Census)
Median Male Age (2010 Census)
Median Female Age (2010 Census)
FIPS State Code
Unemployment Rate (2014)
Median Household Income (2014)