I will create Ten original Quiz Questions in Limerick Form

I was Looking for cool games for kids... this seller does beautiful, happy limericks.... just what I was looking for!
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create Ten original Quiz Questions in Limerick Form

About This Gig

Are you a teacher?  Are you looking for the perfect party game?  Give me ten topics and the background information on them, and I will create limericks about each that will allow your students or guests to guess the correct answers.  I can do any topic you wish, from celebrities to your friends to terms in calculus.  Challenge me!   A couple examples are provided below, with the answer a bit further down so that you can guess:

What am I?

From the back of this horse-creature springs
A pair of long, feathery wings
The Ancient Greek Nation
made him constellation
Among gods and monsters and kings

This bastard who lives on the wall
might not be Ned Stark's child at all
But a nephew instead
from a sister long dead
and an aunt with three dragons on call.


Limerick 1:  Pegasus
Limerick 2:  Jon Snow

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