I will provide you with 2 AMAZING Game 404 pages

About This Gig

When you buy this gig you will be provided with 2 of my custom created HTML 404 pages. These 404 pages are interactive and responsive, they are bundled with the classic Alien Invasion game how cool?! Visitors hitting 404 errors on your website will no longer be upset and leave, instead they will stay and play the game!

Visitors will also be able to get a quick link back to your website and be given a reminder after the game as ended to head back to the website.

Google has recommended that site use custom 404 pages as opposed to leaving 404 pages default for SEO purposes. Most host use default 404 pages to advertise, one example being hostgator. While you are losing visitors; your host might be gaining customers at your expense! 

I will also include ANY of your social networking profiles on the page so visitors could connect to your social profiles from the 404 page.

  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Responsive
  • Enjoyable
  • Social
  • Beautiful!

P.S Game is hidden on mobile phone and tablet devices because the controls are not supported. I could put in an image of your choice to show on mobile for you for FREE.