I will cold call for your business

cold call for your business
cold call for your business

About This Gig

Cold calling can be tough – for most people.

I offer the option to remove this headache. Through targeted calling, I provide an effective solution that will allow you to engage the prospects that YOU want to speak with.

It is a fact that there are a lot of appointment options out there but I have the key elements that quite a few companies and people lack:

1) Competent Conversation - Your prospects should be having conversations with their peers. Outsourcing to an offshore person or company simply cannot accomplish this. I am a seasoned executive that can have targeted, meaningful conversations on your behalf.

2) Pipeline Opportunities – It’s no secret that the vast majority of sales are lost because no one followed up on them. I capture every detail of every conversation with your prospects and make relevant touches to accomplish the ultimate goal of getting you a sale.

 3) Getting Exactly What You Pay For – Calling hours are always used effectively in my world. Too often you will find businesses getting half of the productivity that they pay for. 

Free data with a purchase of 100 hours or more!

Order Details

7 days delivery

6 Hours Of Cold Calling

B2B Appointment Setting and Cold Calling - plus script development!

  • Tailored Action Plan
  • Marketing Strategy Report
  • Customer Segmentation
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