I will clear disharmonic energies from you aura

clear disharmonic energies from you aura

About This Gig

What happens in a session?

In a session I use my intuition and psychic senses to identify negative energies trapped in your system, then clear them using quantum and energy healing.

As I work, I alternate between clearing disharmonious energies and gently raising your core vibration - effectively weaving together Spirit and Matter. In this case, i clear one of the following in depth, or do more general clearing, or clearing for any specific issues you may have.

Disharmonious energies I clear include but are not limited to:

▪ emotions trapped during traumatic events incl. before birth or incarnation
▪ inherited trapped emotions and other inherited energies (which is what makes this way of working like having a family constellations workshop available to you 24/7)
▪ the energy field of toxic chemicals, EMF pollution or pathogens 
▪ persistant negative thoughts and mental loops
▪ entities, curses, mind-control programming, and cords or siphons etc.
▪ disconnections, e.g. physical disconnections between physical parts of your body or parts of the energetic body
▪ physical misalignments including tendons, ligaments and fascia
▪ blocks in your chakra system
▪ blocks in your meridians