I will clear money blockages with Energy Healing

clear money blockages with Energy Healing

About This Gig

Do you struggle to make money?  Do you have a hard time visualizing yourself in a lifestyle that is abundant with money? Are you often manifesting money, but then lose it to some unexpected event?  

The solution to generating more money is much easier than you think, and this is clearing blockages and stuck energies related to money and fiances.

Many people have money issues, which is also related to root chakra structures and the survival mechanism. 
In this healing, i will clear away money blockages following my guidance. I will clear those with Reiki, Shamanic Quantum Healing Techniques, casting a spell, and/or with Matrix Energetics. I follow my guidance which tech to use, just be sure of one thing: It works.

Shifts are instant the way i do it. At least you will feel better about money soon, which makes generating it easier.

What would it be like if miracles would be possible, now?