I will clear your home from negative energies

clear your home from negative energies

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Description Clearing home of negative energies Clearing home of negative energies Additional spiritual protection
  Basic energy healing and clearing of living spaces from negative and stagnant energies Deeper clearing, including entity clearing and clearing of past trauma in living spaces Basic + deep clearing and manifesting energy fields around home/property for spiritual protection
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With this offer, i will clear your home, property or car (your choice) from negative energies and energetic clutter. This can include negative thoughtforms, negative emotions, negative and dissonant frequencies, and in general any energetic clutter. same for clearing past trauma of the place, like someone dying there, past problems, arguments etc.

As guided during the ritual, i will use shamanic techniques, reiki, matrix energetics, access consciouness, or ask my guides or invoke spirits to do it. Since i can manipulate quantum fields and energy directly, no material support needed on your end.

Place will feel better almost instantly. Other options are available, too, check out the extra gigs. This is just a teaser to show what i can do, but i can also do harcore tasks like persistens demons, curses of the land and poltergeists. for me: more risk, more fun, so i charge more, too.

I know how good i am with distant energy clearings, so satisfaction guaranteed. Should you not like the effects and how you feel after the treatment, i refund you. I offer this service here to global awakening. You do not pay for the energy, but for the energy exchange and my precious time.