I will cut and clear negative etheric and psychic cords

cut and clear negative etheric and psychic cords

About This Gig

The reason why to cut cords is to move on from a person and let them go on an energy level. People we are close to form energetic bonds with us that resemble cords of energy that link one person to the other. This link can be light, or you can be corded heavily and have multiple thick cords that literally show your attachment, mental, emotional, sexual, karmic, or all of those, and more.

When we want to let someone go, the cords and the continuing psychic communication between them and us can hold us back. To remedy this, i use shamanic techniques, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Access Consciousness, among others.

I offer more hardcore clearing options available for heavy and persistent cases. Since those are harder to do, i charge more. Consider this fair exchange for my time and effort. I offer high quality in return. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Some possible signs that you have cords attached:

  • Unable to move on from a relationship
  • Unable to stop thinking or obsessing about a person
  • Frequent conversations in your mind with a person
  • Feeling another persons feelings and moods
  • Frequently remembering what they said or did in the past
  • Temptation to go back to a relationship that does not serve you