I will clear negative entitiy attachments from your aura

clear negative entitiy attachments from your aura

About This Gig

What is an Entity Attachment?

An Entity Attachment can come from a variety of nonphysical sources. Sometimes they’re ghosts or souls of people who have passed unexpectedly, violently or just can’t bare to leave a loved one. Some of them want attention, some help. and all want your energy and sometimes live by it.

Other forms of Entity Attachments can include dark spirits, demons, alien beings, aspects from other lifetimes,and any negative energy or vibration that can be sensed or felt. Only models to explain the, yet they tend to mess things up.

Which of these symptoms do you have?

  • Unexpected financial downturn
  • Bad Luck
  • Unexplained illness, headaches, or fatigue or loss of energy
  • New addiction, especially after surgery or traumatic event
  • Depressions or dark suicidal thoughts that don’t really feel ‘like you’, constant negative thoughts and images in your mind
  • Trouble sleeping all night, unexplained fatigue
  • Nightmares, like being suffocated in your sleep, being touched
  • Sudden drastic changes in behavior: anger, violence, irrational fears
  • Constant mindchatter
  • Sudden trouble with others at work or in relationships

To put your mind at ease, just so you know, when I remove them, they won’t come back!