I will clear negative intent,hexes,curses,spells, directed at you

clear negative intent,hexes,curses,spells, directed at you

About This Gig

Curses, Hexes and Spells are very real. Any intent directed towards you that is given enough focus can make itself manifest in your reality.

A hex or curse can exist when a person wishes harm on someone else hard and long enough. This results in the projection of that thought- or emotional energy on another human being, with the curse being more intrusive. This can cause physical, emotional and mental issues.

With this gig, i clear hexes, curses and negative intent directed at you from your energy field. This is a general clearing, sometimes more in-depth work is required. Yet, most people feel better instantly after clearing those layers out.  

I use several modalities as guided, including energy work and working with Angelic Spirit Guides in a shamanic or ritualistic way.

Other modalities or in depth healing sessions are available in the gig extras and can be added to this healing. This is only a teaser/taster of what i am able to do, and trust me, i have helped many people with this before. If you like it, we can go more in depth later on.