I will send a powerful distant reiki healing for 30 minutes

send a powerful distant reiki healing for 30 minutes

About This Gig

With this offer, i will send you a Full Body Reiki Distant Healing Treatment for 30 min. This one is targetting the pysical body.

What can you expect when receiving distant healing?

Much the same as if we would have a hands-on session. You may feel heat, cold or tingling, or very relaxed. Emotions or images or body feelings may surface. Whatever happens just relax and let the energies flow. The Reiki energy will go where it is most needed. The Reiki Energy will also balance your system and also remove any blockages that no longer serve you. This distant healing is active for 45 minutes, including an integration phase.

Other modalities or 1:1 in depth healing sessions are available and can be added to this healing, too. This is only a teaser/taster of what i am able to do, and trust me, i have helped many people with this before. If you like it, we can go more in depth later on.

I know how good i am with distant energy healing, so satisfaction guaranteed. Should you not like the effects and how you feel after the treatment, i refund you. Enjoy. What would it feel like to feel better, NOW? :)


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4 days delivery

Reikie Distnt Healing

30 minutes of Reiki of your choice (physical, emotional, mental healing)