I will give genuine relationship advice from a psychology expert

give genuine relationship advice from a psychology expert

About This Gig

I have a graduate degree in psychology & counselling, and as such I want to put my skills and knowledge to use to help you! I offer genuine, in-depth advice to you about relationship issues you may be having - whether it be family, friends, or romantic relationships. I will exchange as many e-mails with you as you need, and provide ongoing advice as you navigate the issue.

I can also provide advice to both you AND your partner as part of a group e-mail. This will allow both of you to express your needs and wants in a safe environment, and to be given advice to help better your relationship - at a much lower cost than in-person relationship counselling.

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2 days delivery

Relationship advice

I will exchange detailed e-mails with you about your situation & offer psychology based advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you provide the advice?
    Via e-mail or Skype.