I will make a facebook login button

make a facebook login button

About This Gig

Hello ,
Login with Facebook using PHP is one of my favorite task. I have already made a PHP script for it . When you order I will just integrate it with your site. I will integrate in less than one day and within your budget.

  Please have a look on how I achieve my job:

  •     I will create an App on Fb for your site
  •     I will do all App Settings and Integrate this App with your site.
  •    I will integrate facebook.php sdk with your site.

How it works?

Consider a user comes to your site. Your site provides login or registration option to this user by putting fb login button. User click on the login button and he will be redirected to Fb login screen. When this user enters his login details the App will ask him for permissions. After  permission the URL will be redirected directly to our website. Where we can store user information is required for your website.
Please order me if you need everything in professional way.
Please place an order if you need it in a professional way.                             

Thank you!