I will make a list of ADA accommodations tailored to your needs

make a list of ADA accommodations tailored to your needs

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Description List of ADA Accommodations Add a Letter to Employer Advocacy & Support
  A customized list of workplace accommodations tailored to your abilities and job. Professional letter to your employer formally requesting ADA accommodations added to your list. Additional 2 hours of professional case management to assist in successfully negotiating for you.
Delivery time 2 days 2 days 3 days

About This Gig

Customized list of job accommodations to allow you to manage your disability or qualifying condition at your workplace.  Must be located in the United States, with a substantially limiting, long-term condition.  Add on to the basic package with a formal letter requesting the accommodations prepared and ready to be sent to HR.  If desired, 2 hours of case management can be added to assist you by advocating with medical professionals for documentation, preparing you for meetings with your employer, or providing support.  (As a Licensed Social Worker, this would be within my scope of practice).  Can be provided over email, telephone, or Skype.