I will pretend to be your girlfriend

pretend to be your girlfriend

About This Gig

Need to make an ex jealous? Are your friends teasing you for being single? Tell them I'm your girlfriend! Choose two: - I will contact and affirm our relationship to any friends/exes/etc. Means of contact include a text conversation, an email conversation, a skype call or phone call (maximum of 1 hour), or facebook contact. - I will send romantic (NOT SEXUAL) texts or emails to the address of your choice as evidence of a relationship. - I will send photos of myself with messages such as I miss you, love you, etc. written on my hand. (Photos will NOT contain nudity.) - I will tell your ex about how happy we are together, what I like about you, etc. (Not the same as a conversation confirming that I'm your girlfriend). - Additionally, I will make all necessary efforts to keep this girlfriend story going for up to a WEEK from the start date of our "relationship". Each additional week will cost 5 dollars.

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7 days delivery