About This Gig

I am a female British/American professional voiceover artist & native English speaker.

Want to hear more demos? Copy and paste the URL into your browser: https://soundcloud.com/janegeddis/tracks

  • I'll record voiceovers up to 50 words for $5 (equals one gig). 
  • This will be an American neutral (no accent) female dry read saying anything you want on absolutely any subject read in any tone you desire for $5. 
  • Please order my gig extra for British accent voice over. 
  • Please proofread your script carefully.

  • My voice can be heard on radio and the internet across north america and around the world. I have voiced everything from phone prompts, & sexy DJ Drops to animated children's book characters. Some more examples of my work include: radio commercials, jingles, station ID's, e-book narration, character acting, podcast intros, medical and pharmaceutical commercials, NPR Documentaries, and much more. 

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