I will give you English or Spanish lessons at 10 USDs per hour

give you English or Spanish lessons at 10 USDs per hour

About This Gig

I'm an EFL Instructor at the most prestigious Binational Center in my city.

I'm a native spanish speaker and an english speaker since age 15

Wether you're on a highschool or college class, or you simply need to learn or improve your english or spanish. I can teach you about any specific topic you require.

Each lesson will last a minimum of 45 mins and a maximum of 4 hours with 10 to 15 minute breaks between each hour (depends on what you choose).

The price per lesson hour (every 45 minutes) is $10. Where 4 hour lessons have a total value of $60 And emergency lessons have an added $20 value.

Either way I recommend you to contact me before you place any order.

After you order we'll agree on a time schedule 96 hours or less after you place your order. Any change to this schedule has an added value of $5.

  • You have to click on the one "One Hour" extra gig offer option. Failing to do so means you'll have to accept an extra offer to meet the price.
  • Extra hour payment will be managed in the order interface once you place the order.

Remember that time is our most valuable resource, and to respect another man's time is to respect his very existance.

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3 days delivery