I will write 300 words of UNIQUE product description

write 300 words of UNIQUE product description

About This Gig

Why settle for GOOD when you can get the BEST?

Trying to sell a product online? To make the target audience press the “buy” button, you would need to invest in high quality descriptions. Customers can never figure out a product’s unique features just by looking at the image. You need to provide all the information so that they can make an informed decision.

There are tiny details that your customers may want to know about the item you are selling. I am here to provide you selling product descriptions that will not only inform the audience, but will also entice them to make the purchase.

The standard word count for these descriptions is 300 words. For a longer write-up, you will need gig extras. I also write short product descriptions of 50-100 words. Message me to discuss further!

P.S. – If your requirement is slightly different from the standard service I offer, get in touch with me!

If you want the content to be delivered within 24 hours, simply order the gig extra that is dedicated to 24 Hour Fast Delivery.

You will get 2 FREE revisions with each write-up. To get revision for the third time, you will need to order 1 extra gig.