I will write a love letter for you

write a love letter for you

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All my life I have been a dork. The kid without any self-confidence. I felt I would have to redeem myself and make my parents proud. I wonder, how all that could have been "me".

Today, when I look at you, I come alive. I break away from the shell I have been living these past years. Somehow, I gain confidence. Somehow, I feel I can be a better person. Today, I can say, I have been touched. Its really amazing. I have no words to describe this feeling. It is glorious. It is fantastic.


You know I have never been someone who writes! I have always believed in a "go-getter" philosophy, never wasting my time on silly things. I probably suck at it too.

The strange part is, when I write this. I know you will be reading this. When I know you will be reading this, I know this is worth my while.


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