I will create a personalize Crossword puzzle android app for $5

/ 5 Days On Average

About This Gig

I will create a personalized Crossword puzzle and android app for you, with the words given by you or else providing the subject and I will find the words and create the crossword.  I will provide a html and an apk file, which will be fully owned by you and can be used as required.
Also can provide a script which when pasted in your html on blog or site will add a interactive crossword.
The crossword can be created with different shapes of dark cells in it like the examples shown.
By default the app will only open a crossword board with the information for the horizontal and vertical words on the right side, I can implement any customization as per the requirements.
Please have a look at the PDF file showing some of the designs which can be used for the crossword. The design for the dark cells can be done as required.
Before placing any order please contact for feasibility and correct estimates.