I will write emails to empower your selling campaign

write emails to empower your selling campaign

About This Gig

An email is very powerful marketing tool, if written wisely. The subject line, the first sentence and the first paragraph have the maximum impact on the readers, and they quickly decide what to do next.

It’s proven that informative and value driven emails have very powerful impact on the prospects. 

If you are running an email campaign, it is necessary to consider various copy elements in it.

I write emails that will serve you the best by having all the copy elements necessary to influence the readers.

I’ve learned the top strategies to write emails that have maximum conversion rate.  

I will write an email between 200 to 300 words with 2 powerful subject lines just for $ 5.

Buy this gig to empower your email campaign to sell more and more!


Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision

1 email with 2 subject lines

I will study your entire offer about your service or product and craft an email with call to action.