I will be your Virtual Assistant

be your Virtual Assistant

About This Gig

Order this gig if you're looking for a Virtual Assistant who will complete all your required tasks FLAWLESSLY!

The reason why I am saying that I'll complete your tasks flawlessly is because I have all those skills that a good virtual assistant should have; like:

1) Good Communicator
2) Can easily perform data entry tasks such as; typing and entering data into forms, editing current information, proofreading text and updating databases etc.
3) Can prepare and send out newsletters.
4) Manage Contact lists and spreadsheets.
5) Amazing spelling, grammar & punctuation skills.
6) Fast typing speed!
7) Good Organizational Skills
8) Have amazing writing skills too!

The reason why I think I am the best Virtual Assistant here is that:

1) I care about my client's business as if it's my own!
2) I am flexible & I don't take criticism personally!
3) I am punctual, confident, creative & reliable!
4) I love solving problems--A good Problem Solver!
5) A complete Net-Savvy!

So this was a but about me and my skills!

If you have any more questions, then you can message me. I'll reply asap!

This gig is for 2 hours of Virtual Assistant work, if you need more hours, then you can check out my gig extras!