I will create a Unique Internet Marketing Strategy for your website

create a Unique Internet Marketing Strategy for your website

About This Gig

Hey Friends!

We are a team of professionals, who want to satisfy your needs & meet your expectations. Our methods are simple & reliable. We don’t focus on the market to simply fit you in, we analyze it & create a suitable spot for you.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy includes:

  • At first, we will research your target audience & try to give some answers for next questions: 1) Who are they? 2) How do they think? 3) What do they do?
  • After that we will make deep analysis your main competitor in organic, paid search & social media niche. And we will prepare full report with recommendation.
  • Based on previously steps we will make SWOT analysis & find your strengths & weaknesses.
  • And in the last step we will develop promotion strategy with Goals for your website. In our strategy we use SOSTAC marketing planning model.

SOSTAC stands for:

Situation – where are we now?
Objectives – where do we want to be?
Strategy – how do we get there?
Tactics – how exactly do we get there?
Action – what is our plan?
Control – did we get there?

Contact us today & together we will get your project off the ground!
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Order Details

10 days delivery 1 Revision


We will create a Unique Marketing Strategy specifically designed for your website!

  • Tailored Action Plan
  • Promotional Campaign
  • Marketing Strategy Report
  • Customer Segmentation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose your strategy?
    It is unique; it is created based on personal strategies and technologies; it is designed especially to satisfy each one of your desires and purposes, etc.
  • How much time will take to implement the strategy?
    To implement a customized strategy means that the entire approach is personal-based. Therefore, the time it will take to do it varies. Some facts took into consideration here is the type of your website, its size, its age, its stats and many others.
  • How much will it cost to implement such a strategy?
    The prices and costs to implement the customized strategy also depend on the website you want to promote. When we develop a unique strategy for you, we focus on your needs and goals, and the price will be accordingly to them.
  • How will I see the process? if i want to implement such a strategy?
    You will get reports on the performed work on a constant basis. You can keep track with the entire process and with the progress of your website promotion. All of the reports are written and compiled in a friendly format, thus being easy for you to read and understand.
  • Can the order be changed during its validity?
    Yes. You can change some details in your order. If you need something more or you want to change something, just get in touch with our customer support, and we will find something appropriate for you. We are open to our clients!