I will create Google AdWords campaign

create Google AdWords campaign
create Google AdWords campaign

About This Gig

Hey Friends!

We are a team of Google AdWords professionals, who want to satisfy your needs & meet your expectations! With our help you can get instant web traffic & get more leads!

Our Google AdWords Campaign include next services:

1) Setup BASIC Search Network Ad campaign (basic gig - 5$):

- Create Ad tactic with bidding plan
- Basic Keyword research (up to 5 keys)
- Writing Adverts (1 advert with 4 copies)

2) Setup & Launch FULL Search Network Ad campaign (extra1 - 50$):

- Landing Page analysis
- Competitor Analysis
- Create Ads strategy with goals
- Keyword research (up to 50 keys)
- Create Negative keyword list
- Writing Adverts (up to 5 adverts with 250 copies)
- Install campaign & testing
- Quality score analysis

3) Campaign Management & Assessment (extra2 - 50$):

We will manage your account ONE week, install conversion goal metrics & PPC dashboard for Google Analytics, make changes where necessary & help to improve your campaign.

Get in touch with us to discuss everything in details.
Remember that even a free consultation gives you valuable experience!

Order Details

BASIC AdWords campaign!

Setup BASIC Search Network Google AdWords campaign!

5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my website in non-English can you work with it?
    No we work only with english websites.
  • What daily budget you recommend?
    We always start from 10$, but this depend on your business competition and cost per click in your niche, our main goal is many clicks with low cast per click.
  • How you will install campaign by my needs?
    In order you will get brief which must be completed and send to us. Based on it we will create and install campaign for you. In it are many important lines such as: daily budget, start or end of campaign, day and time when your ads will be run etc.
  • Should I provide my direct login details to adwords account?
    No you will create for us invitation, with the help of we can work in your adwords account, remember you can close access in any time.