I will design any electrical circuit or electronic circuit

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design any electrical circuit or electronic circuit

About This Gig

Electronics / Electronic / Prototype design best gig

I am an Electronic and Electrical engineer from the UK. I have extensive knowledge in hardware design as well as software. I am able to design your electrical circuit, or electronic circuit and anticipate all the issues that might arise. I will help you and guide you step by step until you are fully satisfied with the prototype.

Electronics is a passion rather than a job, therefore, i am a perfectly suitable engineer to look after your project and provide you with a high quality work that will meet your expectations.

If you have an idea, or you just need help with:
- Circuit design.
- Prototype creation.
- PCB design & PCB layout
- Electronic board creation.
- Electronic project.
- Study the feasibility of your project.
Please do not hesitate to contact or just ask for a quote.

Due to high demand and variety of projects that I can complete, it is not possible to list a fixed price for each design. The price depends on the level of complexity, length and deadline.

I can guarantee high quality work, delivered on time and 100% satisfaction.

Please contact me before you place any order.