I will find items and shop for you

find items and shop for you
find items and shop for you
find items and shop for you

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Description Simple Assistance Extra Help Complete Makeover/Design
  5-10 items found (fashion, interior, accessories, etc) in your budget and stylized as a set/outfit 10-20 items found for a room/outfit stylized as a set/outfit to fit budget, trend, brand, etc 20+ Items found for entire room/outfits stylized within budget, trend, color palette, brand, etc
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2 3 5
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About This Gig

Need to redecorate or find that perfect go-to outfit or even just spruce up a room or your closet? I am here to help! I want to help you find the things you need when you don't have the time to do so or the idea where to begin. With 5 years experience in personal shopping, fashion, and interior decorating/design -- I am willing to part my time just so you can have that style or design that you always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in the industry. My process is simple so we can create the relationship and communication needed between us so you can have that style, trend, outfit/design idea without all the trouble of doing it yourself and/or expense of calling in a 'so-called' expert. I will create a set/design that suggests the perfect ideas that will show brand, price, style in a completely professional way so all you have to do is click and buy once completed. It will be simple, cost-effective, and a truly pleasant experience that will give you that look/style you have always wanted!