I will give you 10 expired blogs PA 28 plus, 5 WeEbly, 5 TUmblr

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give you 10 expired blogs PA 28 plus, 5 WeEbly, 5 TUmblr

About This Gig

                                **** Money Back Guarantee ****

4 important reason to choose Expired-

DA-Tumblr and Weebly famous and 98 Domain authority web 2.o sites, where you can create your free, unfortunately, a fresh blog is very difficult to index in the search engine so everyone chose the expired blog for links.

PA-28 Plus page authority give you instant ranking on google first page.

Age-After recent updates, hard to index or rank new or fresh blogs, So expire blog age often year ago older with frequently many indexed pages. So these expired URL quick index.

Cost-These expired URLs are free to register and hosting also free.

Included in Offers-My offers on this gig, I will Provide you 5 weebly and 5 tumblr expired, with PA 28+, and register them under one email id for you just 5$.

Why will you Chose me- My service rating on previous gig:

Where these expired URLs Use?
(1) Sell guest posting.
(2) Make your money site links.
(3) Develop a PBN business.

                                   Currently i dont offer specific Niche Thanks

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10 Expired Blogs PA 28+

5 Tumblr & 5 weebly Exipred Blogs PA 28+

7 days delivery 1 Revision