I will record a scifi robotic voice

record a scifi robotic voice
record a scifi robotic voice
Perfectly done and super fast. I am very pleased with the results.
Reviewed by wrongnumber77 about 2 months ago
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This was great thank you!
Reviewed by nickfooter 2 months ago
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Erin does amazing work!
Reviewed by ccmonstage 4 months ago
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Very professional voice clips, thank you so much. :)
Reviewed by janttufi 6 months ago
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record a scifi robotic voice
record a scifi robotic voice

About This Gig

I will record and edit a robotic "artificial intelligence" sounding voice-over for ONLY FIVE DOLLARS. 

Robotic voice-overs are great for:

  • Character voices
  • Technology parody
  • Science Fiction

Your script should be 50 words (with NO background music or effects) or less for the base gig. 

If you require more words, just use the add on extras or buy more than one of the gig. If you have a licensed audio clip that you'd like laid below the voiceover, I can add that. Just provide it when you purchase the gig.

If you need multiple takes to choose from, please order the "Gig Extra" for that purpose.

If you need a voicemail recording, please see my other gigs.

*Please note:
- If you intend to use the voiceover for a FOR PROFIT purpose (such as a commercial) I require the purchase of a Commercial License.

- Please communicate with me prior if you have a time sensitive order. My turnaround is listed at 7 days because my availability is unpredictable

Do you want a quick and rough sample before you order? Shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Order Details


Good for quick podcast intros, announcer voice overs and taglines.

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  • Separate Files
7 days delivery