I will photoshop you to make you look beautiful

photoshop you to make you look beautiful

About This Gig

I WILL: -erase zits -whiten teeth -whiten eyes -add makeup -make fuller eyelashes -change eye color -even skin tone -erase unwanted fat -erase bags underneath eyes -change hair color -touch up hair roots -remove strands of unruly hair -change brightness of picture -turn everything black and white except one specific color -change color of specific area such as a shirt -change the background entirely -add text -make a meme that is not offensive to the person in the picture -make the picture look silly(distorted), not ugly -make ANY pictures into fractalius pictures(look it up on google images if you don't know what I mean. also, it doesn't work well on people's faces, only on animals) -try to make you look less ridiculous if you're drunk or just had a bad picture day I WILL NOT: -move your whole body around in the picture UNLESS you have another picture of the background without you in it -make the resolution any better :( -make anyone look terrible (could be considered harassment) -fix nude pics -make people nude -have anything to do with nudity/porn

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