I will transform you into a Lyricist Songwriter

transform you into a Lyricist Songwriter

About This Gig

My name is Ray. In 2012 I became the lyricist of the year for UKSC, I participated in a competition called 'UK Song-writing contest'. I came FIRST in UK and Europe in the Lyricist category, finished runner-up in the World ranks.

What am I here to do? I will take your song-writing abilities to an elite level. I have several self-taught, self-trained methods in teaching you different techniques so you can be a professional at song-writing. I cover all genres and teach both males and females. I can answer any questions you may ask. Feel free to contact me and we can start Song-writing lessons under way.

I've been writing lyrics over the last 10 years. I can write songs to suit mainstream billboard music within 10-15 minutes, yes! that was the length of time it took me for the song I submitted in that contest I mentioned earlier. I also write for producers, performers and labels. I am happy to engage into any short-term/long-term projects or albums. 

As tuition and teaching is my main service on Fiverr, all my lessons will be conducted on Skype or any other voice call applications you see fit. 

Purchasing this Gig of $5 will allow you to exchange contact information with me such as Skype.

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