I will create a google apps script

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create a google apps script
create a google apps script

About This Gig

I'll write a professional Google Apps Script to help you automate all your tasks using technologies like:

  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Gmail

The scope of the tasks that can be done with GAS is very broad, it can include data processing in a spreadsheet or generating a report to send via email and many more actions across the suite of applications offered by Google. If you already have all your requirements clear I can help you put them into code and automate your tasks.

These are some examples of scripts I've created:
  • Capture data from a webhook on shopping carts, creating a Web App to do it
  • Generate a PDF version of a document and send it through email as reports
  • Insert information captured on a google form to MySQL database
  • Retrieve information from a database and store it on a spreadsheet
  • And much more, send me a message if you are unsure it can be done and I'll give you my advice   

If you had problems communicating with developers in the past you'll enjoy working with me, I speak English fluently so we won't spend any extra energy there.

If you are unsure how complex your project is, get in touch with me before buying so we can agree on the price first.

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Write a GAS to automate your tasks

I'll write the code for a project that uses Google Apps

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