I will apartment search for you on craigslist

apartment search for you on craigslist

About This Gig

Who hates apartment hunting?...EVERYBODY...except me! For 5 bucks I'll do the grunt work for you and you reap the sweet sweet benefits.  Just give me your desired location and specifics and I'll do the research. Feel free to provide as much information as you like; the more details I get the more individualized I can make my search for you!

In order to provide you the most personalized and relevant listings, please give me the following information:

1) desired location (preferred neighborhoods)
2) desired move in date (flexible?)
3) price range
4) number of occupants/bedrooms/bathrooms
5) desired size/number of rooms
6) preferred amenities (gym, laundry on site, parking)
7) type of living: apartment, condo, house, sublet, room, etc...?
8) broker or rent by owner?
9) pets?
10) desired neighborhood: public transportation, proximity to schools, restaurants, bars, parks, etc...
11) desired condition: renovated or old? stainless steel appliances necessary? hardwood floors? exposed brick? carpeting?
12) walk-up or elevator?
13) smoking/non-smoking
14) furnished or unfurnished

I will try to find places that most closely match your responses! 

Order Details

3 days delivery