I will give you up to 100 cash buyer leads anywhere in the US

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Need a cash buyer for a current deal? Maybe you are wanting to look for buyers first, before you start marketing for deals?

IMPORTANT: IF you plan on ordering more than 1 gig  please contact me first!

I will give you up to 100 active cash buyers in any local area of the United States. I will give you the following information in a .csv spreadsheet:

  • Last sold property address
  • Last sale date
  • Number of properties owned
  • Cash buyer mailing address
  • Phone numbers (for about 20% of cash buyers)

Some investors split their marketing effort between marketing for buyers & marketing for sellers 50/50. This they do to easily match up deals and make money quick!

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PPS. If you read this far you deserve a bonus. I will also include a .CSV file of cash buyers from the county records. (2 get this bonus write 'hook me up' in the order detail box when you order)