I will read your palm for you

read your palm for you

About This Gig

Palm reading is an ancient practice going back 1000s of years being studied in ancient India, China, Greece and Egypt. Palmistry or palm reading is not only a study of the palm but all parts of both hands. Your non dominant hand being your given potential in life, while your right hand being what you have done with that potential. 

Palm reading is an excellent way to learn more about yourself to help build better relationships in your career, love life, and spiritual life. For only 5 dollars I will give you a detailed report on the interpretation of both of your palms. I will send you a word document via fiver containing no less than 600 words.

Thank you
~ The Empress Tarot

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Palm Reading Package

I will read your palm and send you a word document about the meaning of the lines in your palm.

1 day delivery