I will boss for you on RuneScape

boss for you on RuneScape

About This Gig

With over 35,000 combined boss kills I have the experience to kill any solo boss for you on RuneScape for you. Simply tell me your combat stats and which boss you want killed.

You will get a video of all the kills I have done with a summary of all kills+loot.

These requirements are not a must but would help out in gaining the max boss kills/ loot per hour.

All bosses
  • 90+ combat stats
  • 95 prayer with curses
  • 96 herblore for overloads
  • 96 Summoning for pack yak
  • Tier 80+ weapons Tier 90 preferred

GWD1 Bosses
  • 70+ combat stats
  • Tier 70+ weapons

  • 90+ combat stats
  • Tier 90+ weapons

GWD2 Bosses
  • 80+ combat
  • Tier 80+ weapons (magic preferred)
  • Tier 1+ shield (for Helwyr and Vindicta)
  • (vampyrism scrimshaw and mele needed for GREG for better kills/loot per hour)

Queen Black Dragon
  • Tier 70+ combat
  • Tier 70+ weapons
  • Antifire + Dragonfireshield or Super Antifire potions

  • Tier 80+ combat
  • Tier 80+ weapons
  • Overloads needed if ranging

Dagganoth Kings
  • Tier 80+ combat
  • Tier 80+ weapons for all three styles

  • Tier 80+ combat
  • Tier 70+ spear

Fight Caves/Kiln
  • Tier 80+ combat
  • Tier 70+ weapons in all 3 styles

Kalphite Queen / King Black Dragon / Giant mole
  • Tier 50-70+ combat
  • Tier 50-70+ weapons

Order Details

2 days delivery

1 hour Instance

I will kill any Solo boss for 1 hour for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do NEX
    YES requirements must be met. 90+ combat stats 90+ weapons Pack Yak Superior Elite Void Overloads
  • Can you do Telos
    No due to being very glitchy at the moment.
  • Do I need access to your bank
    For Araxxor and Nex I do for the rest of the bosses I dont if you meet the requirements. I will tell you the loadout for each boss and that should be enough to last a full hour.