I will skill on RuneScape for you

skill on RuneScape for you

About This Gig

With a max cape myself and 12+ years of playing RuneScape I know all the best methods of training weather starting fresh or already maxed.

I will give you 1 hour of xp in any skill you wish. You may chose what method you want me to use or I will use the best xp/h method by default.

I chose hourly rates instead because in 1 hour you can get anywhere from 30k - 700k+ xp depending on your current levels and what skill I am training. Keeping everything hourly will keep it consistent.

I can train any skill for you including combat.

I do not need any access to your bank or bank pin unless you wish to keep the resources gathered. I just need the tools required for training the skill.

Message me if you have any concerns or questions.

Order Details

2 days delivery

1 hour of skilling

I will skill for 1 hour in any skill.