I will remove black magic or curse spell from you for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
remove black magic  or curse spell from you
remove black magic  or curse spell from you

About This Gig

Have you been curse or has someone done black magic on you? Black magic has done unknowingly on the victim. The following is the symptoms of BLACK MAGIC OR CURSE SPELL if you experience this then you are under Black magic spell

1.Disturb interrupted in sleep.
2. Dreaming of snakes,scorpions and spiders.
3. Tightness and heaviness in shoulder.
4. Lover leaved you with no reason, Cannot find soulmate,Divorce happen suddenly or always unlucky in love.
5. Constant headache.
6. Your complexion darkness.
7. Smoking or drug abuse.
8. Lack of interest of life.
9. Sexual dreams and discharge of semen at night. Chronic fatigue.
10. Fear in dream or see ghost,witch or see other nightmare in dream.
11. Cannot get the person you love,unlucky in love,lover leave you,divorce etc.
12. Find no happiness in life.
FINAL STAGE OF SPIRIT POSSESSION/BLACK MAGIC :- Cancer of blood, shrinking and malfunctioning of kidney, serious heart problem.
It also depend on What the magician plays ,Mostly black Magician like to play love life like breaking up with love one,making the person unlucky in love,cannot find true love,making divorce. If you have notice some of these then immediately order this spell.