I will code a spigot and bukkit plugin

code a spigot and bukkit plugin
code a spigot and bukkit plugin
code a spigot and bukkit plugin

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About This Gig

So, you want a Spigot / Bukkit plugin, right? Well, you've come to the right place. I can create anything* for $10 flat, cheaper than any other creator here, AND IN TWO DAYS**!. The reason these are so cheap, is because everyone else is overpriced

WHAT HAVE I DONE (in order of creation):
*Note: Non-bold text is a plugin I've been hired to create 
  • ECP / EULA Compliant Perks - An advanced plugin allowing for servers to give awesome perks to their donators
  • Simple Polls - This is the EASIEST poll voting system for bukkit, with only a few commands.
  • You Legit? - Ultimate Hacker Protection for servers, requiring staff to input a password when they first log on, if their account has been terminated (Broken into)
  • Money Pouch - A basic money pouch plugin for the Strukcraft server!
  • Packets Freedom - Packet modifier plugin for bukkit allowing for server owners to add colorful MOTD's, Player count messages, etc..
  • And More! (Character count too high xD)

*Making the plugin a mini game is a gig extra. 

**The first testable version will be done in 2 (two) days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your plugins High Quality and good?
    "They are amazing" - one private seller says
  • Can you make anything, including minigames?
    Yes, I can. Minigames would need to be the Extreme package with the gig extra of "Make this a Minigame" selected.
  • What counts as a mini game?
    A minigame is anything that requires the player to play a game. example: Survival Games. Another example is a tower game where you run around collecting towers throughout the map.
  • Can prices be adjusted?
    Prices can be adjusted, but it isn't very likely, as I am already very cheap.
  • Are you for hire for a full-time server dev?
    Yes. Please contact me.