I will create Meditation and Relaxation MUSIC

create Meditation and Relaxation MUSIC
create Meditation and Relaxation MUSIC
create Meditation and Relaxation MUSIC
create Meditation and Relaxation MUSIC
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About This Gig

Commercial Use

My studio is at your command! I have a vast range of instruments & abilities and will create music to any length you need. I also create binaural beats. 

Instruments include: harp, piano, winds, drums, world instruments, dreamy choir, binaural beats, ambient sounds & more.

Custom Music:  tell me your project details and I will do my best to send an offer within your budget. Or, check out my Fiverr offer below!

Royalty Free Music Offer:
20 tracks of relaxing music for $10
Delivered in one easy download as mp3. Listen:

I will send 20 tracks, over 2 hours of relaxing music.  You can use these tracks in guided meditations, audiobooks, videos, podcasts, or a fitness class. One time charge of $10!  For 1 business only.  Not for app creation, music re-selling or giving away music (for these, contact me for a custom offer).

Music agreement PDF:
I will send the music license document (PDF) with your business details  = $10 extra

Contact me anytime with questions! 
I'm a very warm & friendly soul.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this as background music for meditations I want to sell?
    Yes, if you purchase the $10 music offer, you can use these 20 tracks as background music for your guided meditations. As long as you are selling these meditations to end-users (not to other businesses like on Fiverr, etc.).
  • Can you make a track longer?
    Yes, I can lengthen one track up to 20 minutes for $5 extra. Up to 30 minutes = $10 extra.
  • Can I use the music on offer in my YouTube videos?
    Yes, the 20 tracks on offer for $10 can be used in your YouTube videos and podcasts.
  • Can I sell this music or include it in my app product?
    No, this offer does not include selling music, giving away music, or playing music in app products. If you need music for this purpose contact me anytime to arrange a custom quote. I have very reasonable rates and can create custom music!
  • Will I own this music exclusively, or can other people use this music too?
    The $10 music offer is non-exclusive, which means other people can also use this music for their projects. If you need exclusive music, contact me for a custom quote!
  • What is the formal PDF music agreement and why should I buy this extra?
    This document is really useful to have if you use this music on YouTube or play it live in your business. For $10 extra, the music agreement gives proof that you have permission to use this music from the composer. It will include your business information and explain all the permitted uses.
  • What is Royalty Free music?
    Royalty free means you (the purchaser) only need to pay once for the music license and you can use the music for as long as you need to. It's a simple way to make music licensing easy and affordable.
  • Are the 20 tracks in the link the exact tracks I will be getting in this offer?
    Yes, the link takes you to all 20 tracks. These are the exact tracks you will be getting in the gig offer.
  • I want custom music for my project but have a small budget. What can you offer?
    I love to create music and can take examples of what you like to create something fresh & new. If you have a tiny budget I will do the best I can to create top quality music with a low price tag.