I will format and quantify your résumé

format and quantify your résumé
format and quantify your résumé
format and quantify your résumé
format and quantify your résumé
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  I will fix the formatting & copy of one résumé. No rewrites. I will fix the formatting & copy & give feedback on where you need to quantify your experience Full Rewrite for 1 Résumé & 2 Cover Letters, Linkedin & we perform full experience quantification
Editable File
Seller will include the original file that allows you to make future edits to the resume/cover letter
Review & Critique
Seller will review your resume/cover letter in detail
Cover Letter
Seller will include a customized cover letter based on the improved resume
Optimize LinkedIn Profile
Seller will optimize your Linkedin profile based on the improved resume
Edit & Rewrite
Seller will edit, rewrite and improve your resume/cover letter
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About This Gig

We've all been there. You're writing your résumé and it's time to fill in the dreaded 'work experience' section. You enter in that you processed paychecks, were a quick problem solver and were able to help customers find what they need. Pretty thorough and to the point, right? Wrong.

What you just did there, friend, was guarantee that your résumé is trashed. By utilizing generic experience points like the ones above, you merely say what every other potential employee is putting on their résumé. Anyone can write that they help customers or process paychecks, but at Recah Design, we actually help quantify those experience points, thus increasing your chances of standing out to your potential employer.

At Recah Design, we provide in depth questionnaires that help us tease out the numbers from your work experience. We'll turn your generic work experiences into concrete pieces of data to include on your résumé. Thus, "processed payments" becomes "processed payroll for 60 employees on a bi-weekly basis." See the difference? One is something anyone can say, the other gives concrete numbers that truly separate you from other potential employees. 

Don't just format your résumé, quantify it.