I will edit your music, song, or audio

About This Gig

I will professionally edit your music.

I use AVID Pro Tools. I will accept Pro Tools sessions. 

Basic Gig: $5 per minute of music. Five (5) stems or sixteen (16) individual tracks of music. Five (5) minute maximum. Includes services such as:

  • Align music to grid
  • Vocal Tuning and Alignment
  • Clips adjusted to proper average loudness (specify -18dBFS, -20dBFS, or other in your order). This will make mixing infinitely more intuitive and easy. All of your plugins and pro hardware are designed to see -18dBFS or -20dBFS as +4dBU.
  • Fades, crossfades, etc...

Add Ons: 
  1. Ten (10) stems or twenty four (24) individual tracks. Up to five (5) minutes of audio.
  2. More than ten (10) stems or twenty four (24) tracks. $10 per minute of audio over five (5) minutes. Maximum 48 Audio tracks. Contact me first if you require more than 48 tracks edited or need more than 5 minutes of audio.

A stem is a stereo or mono audio track with similar instruments or sounds mixed together such as a drum stem, electric guitar stem, background vocals stem, etc...

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