I will provide honest feedback on your vacation rental home decor

provide honest feedback on your vacation rental home decor

About This Gig

Have you ever wondered how your vacation rental listing “shows” to potential customers?  If you haven’t, then chances are you're losing money!  

My family often stays in vacation rentals, and it always shocks me how many duds I have to sort through to find a gem.  These properties are not rejected based on price, location or size – those may all be perfect!   They are rejected entirely because of their decor as shown in the listing's photos.  How you furnish your property matters to renters! 

You might be losing potential renters if:   

  • All of your furniture was given to you by family members.
  • You think walls should be white.
  • When hanging wall art, your motto is "the higher the better."
  • You think wall art is overrated anyway.
  • Your goal is to spend as little as possible on furnishings.
  • You believe a single overhead 60 watt bulb is plenty of lighting.
  • Your rugs, curtains, and bedspreads came from Goodwill.

If this is you, then here’s an opportunity to get constructive feedback directly from a seasoned traveler who is picky about vacation rental properties and passionate about decor!   You've got nothing to lose...only profit to gain! 


Order Details

2 days delivery

Tell Me Straight

A word file with a rating, a narrative of first impressions, and 5-10 suggestions for improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a professional interior decorator?
    No. I have no formal training as an interior decorator. I love home decor, and have learned what I know from books, magazines, classes, HGTV, and years spent designing my own home.
  • How exactly will my property be rated?
    You will receive a rating on a scale between the extremes of “How soon can I book this place?!” to “You’d have to pay ME to stay there.”