I will share my secret for perfect gravy

share my secret for perfect gravy

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**FREE HOLIDAY BONUS:  A great recipe for fabulous BISCUITS!

Do you love good ol' country biscuits and GRAVY? I do, too! I could eat them every day! I will share my secret recipe for country gravy and I promise you it will turn out PERFECT each and every time you make it, if you follow my instructions and measurements.

No lumps, perfect thickness, and most importantly...it tastes scrumptious. A perfectly delicious homemade gravy makes any meal more special!

I will also include tips for additions to this basic recipe to change it up, and how to adapt this recipe for making other gravies for dinner!

I am offering my special Recipe for Country Gravy. Get yours now! Yum Yum!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this include a recipe for biscuits?
    Normally, no. However, for a short time we will include a great biscuit recipe when you buy our perfect gravy recipe!
  • Does this require alot of cooking skill?
    No. It is easy to follow, step by step, and anyone with a skillet and spoon can make it!
  • How much gravy will this recipe make?
    I have instructions to make a small batch, and a larger batch for a big family. You can customize how much you need very simply.
  • How is this different from other gravy recipes?
    I practiced and measured until I found the exact "formula" to make it the same, and perfect every time. No guessing.
  • Is this like sausage gravy?
    Exactly....but with or without sausage in it. If you think of gravy and biscuits, you're generally thinking of this type of gravy.