I will record a PRO voicemail greeting in 24 hours

record a PRO voicemail greeting in 24 hours
record a PRO voicemail greeting in 24 hours
He did a good job and he has a nice voice.
Reviewed by preludetoadream 3 months ago
Reviewed by wb4743346 4 months ago
Phenomenal job Jeremy! Thank you so much for the voicemail, it's perfect! Thanks for the fast service. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by valdivz 4 months ago
Reviewed by wb4743346 4 months ago
Great Fast Service!
Reviewed by ceciliasetiawan 4 months ago
Reviewed by artii477 5 months ago
WOW! Absolutely Brilliant , Super Professional Perfect Job, you nailed it Thank you
Reviewed by wb4743346 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by thilltops 6 months ago
Service was great and very professional. I will be using the service again.
Reviewed by carljohnson1906 6 months ago
Repeat customer -- another great job!
Reviewed by rdelonis 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lifetimefence 6 months ago
Extremely satisfied! Above and beyond my expectations.
Reviewed by lifetimefence 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lifetimefence 6 months ago
Does incredible, professional work. Highly communicative and receptive to working with - I can't recommend him enough.
Reviewed by sebbon 7 months ago
excellent work
Reviewed by djcarr81 8 months ago
What fantastic service - super fast delivery and extremely professional.
Reviewed by equitex 9 months ago
This is wonderful, thank you Jeremy :)
Reviewed by ceciliasetiawan 9 months ago
Incredibly talented and proffesional!!!!
Reviewed by dondetta 10 months ago
Surpassed my expectations my any measure. Could not be more pleased with the quality of his work.
Reviewed by prajitchhabra 10 months ago
Fantastic!!! You certainly exceeded my expectations. Thank you
Reviewed by leedsalt 10 months ago
record a PRO voicemail greeting in 24 hours
record a PRO voicemail greeting in 24 hours

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  Professional quality phone greetings. Professional quality phone greeting with proofreading, one revision, and music. Professional quality phone greeting with script writing, one revision, and music.
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
Script Proofreading
The seller will correct your script language and grammar.
Background Music
Seller will include royalty-free background music and/or sound effects
The seller will create the written script for the voiceover.
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About This Gig

I am a Professional voiceover artist and will record up to 50 words per gig with my custom studio, vocal booth, and boutique-quality signal chain.

Whether it's a simple voice message greeting, hold announcements, or a complex, branching IVR or multiple mailbox system, I provide the highest quality, professional vocal product.

Contact me for a custom quote on orders over 750 words.

24 hour delivery on all orders under 500 words and

Extra Fast options as quick as SAME DAY delivery!

If you have more than 50 words, that's okay! You just need to order multiple gigs:

     1 - 50 words = 1 gig
     51 - 100 words = 2 gigs
     101 - 150 words = 3 gigs
     151 - 200 words = 4 gigs 
     And on and on...

Over 10 years of experience providing professional narration!


If you need a different format or specification, please see the Gig Extras below; If multiple files are needed, please order separate gigs for each file. 

Script edits and revisions are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't you offer voiceovers for $5? This is Fiverr!
    As a working professional voiceover talent, I have to charge enough to cover my studio overhead, the cost of my staff, other business expenses, and my income. In return, you get the best quality service and sound from a professional voice actor and business person!
  • Will you offer discounts on big orders?
    Yes! Absolutely! If you're ordering a basic gig package and have over 750 words or you're ordering pro or premium packages over 500 words, please message me before ordering. I'll be happy to send you a custom offer with a volume discount.
  • I need something specific. Can you do it?
    Maybe! Message me before you order. Some special requests are easy and free (i.e., send a WAV instead of an MP3). Others may require an additional charge because of the added time and expertise required (i.e., read this script with 4 distinct character voices).
  • If you make a mistake and the gig says, "0 revisions," what do I do?
    If I make a reading mistake (which is rare, but certainly can happen), please request a gig modification! Correcting my own mistake does not count as a revision - it's just good business!
  • I can't afford your prices but really want you to do this voiceover. Will you give me a discount?
    No. I have a business to run and a family to feed. These rates represent the lowest prices that I can possibly offer. If you're a charity, a non-profit, or have a reason that you think justifies a pro bono (free) voiceover, please message me. I sometimes donate my services.
  • I have a small script change for an order you delivered 2 (days, weeks, months) ago. What do I do?
    Message me before you order with the details of your change. I might be able to record and splice it into the previous file for a 1 gig order, or I might need to re-read some or all of your script. Unfortunately, it's different on a case-by-case basis.
  • I need a lot of voiceovers in the next (month, year). Do you offer packages?
    Yes! Message me for details. You can place a single, up front order at a discounted price and I'll deliver a pre-determined number of voiceovers during the specified time frame. That's called working "on retainer." For instance, you could buy 15 voiceovers in the next 90 days at a large discount.