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give you a new ISBN  for your book

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About This Gig

New ISBN for your publication, so you can use it in the barcode of your book, and in the catalog. You will need different isbn's for different formats (e-book, print, audiobook, magazine) and for different titles. We are US based and can provide ISBNS for all countries. Then you can start selling your book!

Ask me about same day delivery or Super 60 Minute Delivery!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is needed before I order?
    Please provide title for books, author's name, type of book (ie ebook, paperback) genre, and retail price of books and country of sale.
  • Can I use the same ISBN for eBook and printed book?
    No, you need separate ISBNs for eBook and printed book
  • Who owns copyrights?
    You, the author will own all copyrights.
  • Is the ISBN registered with Bowker?
    Yes, all our issued ISBNs are Bowker registered - the US authority for ISBNs.
  • Can I have my own imprint name?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Imprint name is SCR Incorporated
  • What is an imprint name?
    Some retailers need an imprint name and this is usually the publisher's name or the sub-brand of the publisher. Currently, only CreateSpace (Amazon POD - print-on-demand) requires an imprint name and you would need to specify SCR Incorporated as imprint name when uploading to CreateSpace.
  • Can I specify myself as publisher when uploading to retailers?
    Yes, but with one exception: you need to specify SCR Incorporated when selling/uploading to CreateSpace. With other retailers (Apple, Amazon kindle, kobo, Google, Nook, etc.) you can add your own name as publisher/imprint.