I will write 500 words unique articles on any topic

write 500 words unique articles on any topic

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I am a writer and hope to do lots of articles. I am also a quick typist and will offer my services, typing any wanted work as per the instructions. There is one sample included in this gig. YELLOW TEETH CAUSES It is everyone s desire to look good all the time. A great smile will surely contribute to that and we cannot avoid smiles at all times. When you have yellow teeth, it may not be so pleasing to offer smiles to everyone you come across. Therefore a discolored yellow teeth smile can be undesirable to look at and at times you may not get the same smile. Yellow teeth can make you lose your confidence and become irritated by your own smile. This may even prompt someone to keep on hiding his/her teeth. And this might not be possible a hundred percent and that is why we should know what causes yellow teeth so that we do not fall into that category. Some people have naturally yellow teeth while others obtain them from various kinds of food. These may include tea, coffee and wine which may contribute entirely to yellowing of your teeth. Smoking is also a major cause because of the large puffs of smoke which emanate from the smokers mouth and this is

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