I will give you over 100 gun sound effects

give you over 100 gun sound effects

About This Gig

Hey guys, I will he happy to provide you my gun sound effects collection.

It is all in high quality .wav files, ready to be used immediately, and includes guns, machine guns, shotguns, explosions, and other related sounds (all the weapons bellow have at least two different sound files to chose from, except the ones in brackets):

  • AKM
  • Barrett M98B
  • Beretta 93R
  • De Lisle Carbine .45ACP
  • Enfield L85 Rifle
  • Enfield L86 LSW
  • FAMAS G2
  • FN FAL
  • FN Five-seveN
  • FN P90, Glock 18c
  • Future SCI-FI Weapons (Bio Gun, Energy Gun, Ammunition Elements, Laser Gun)
  • Heckler & Koch G3 (abbreviated H&K G3)
  • H&K G36C
  • H&K HK416
  • H&K MG4
  • H&K MP5
  • H&K MP7
  • H&K VP70
  • IMI Tavor TAR-21
  • Ingram M10
  • L7A2 GPMG
  • L110A2 LMG
  • London Warehouse Firearms Library
  • M3 Submachine Grease Gun
  • M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
  • M1919A4 Browning Machine Gun
  • M1919A4 Browning Machine Gun
  • M1928A1 Thompson Submachine Gun
  • Mini Uzi
  • Other (Explosives, M16 MachineGun, MP5_Burst)
  • Remington
  • Saiga-12
  • Sako TRG 22
  • Sig P229
  • Smith & Wesson M29
  • Smith & Wesson M66
  • SPAS-12
  • Steyr TMP
  • Bullet Effects
  • T-34-85 WWII Tank
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun
  • USAS-12
  • Uzi
  • Various Gun Foley & Handling (H&K_G36C, SAIGA-12, Smith_&_Wesson_M29, Steyr_TMP)
  • Vz61 Scorpion

All Royalty Free! Hope you enjoy the collection, guys!

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2 days delivery

Over 100 gun sound effects

This package includes guns, machine guns, shotguns and explosions.