About This Gig

Top rated graphic designer

This custom business card template is an original design that's only available here on Fiverr!

Upon ordering you just have to give me the text to put on the card and where you want the QRcode to link to (your website, Facebook, vcard contact info, etc...).
You can also include a picture or logo to include on the backside (extra).

Q: do I need to supply a QR code?
A: Not at all. You just tell me where you want it to point, and I will create it for you.

Q: what info can you put in the QRcode?
A: a phone number, a phone number + sms message, a website URL (including a Facebook link or like), a YouTube video, a calendar event, vcard contact info, location coordinates or just plain text

Q: how big is the QR code?
A: the size scales with the amount of information it contains: full vcard contact info generates the largest ones, while a simple website link, for example, is much smaller