I will teach you how to pray with POWER

teach you how to  pray with POWER

About This Gig


Everyone has access to prayer/meditation. It is available to all. It's not just for a select few. Once you learn how to pray and meditate it will unleash power that you never knew you had access to. Your life will change when answers manifest before your eyes! Your soul will be cleansed, spirit receptive and your mind regulated. Obtain healing of mind, body, soul, spirit.

IT WORKS! I KNOW it works because I have been healed of a congenital bone malformation that required surgery to correct. Six months later(after I had prayed for healing) I went in for a follow-up. My condition resolved so that I no longer required surgery. The doctor looked perplexed but I was smiling---I knew I had unleashed the power of healing with my prayer! I have since been keeping a journal of my countless answered prayers. It is amazing to look back on how prayer really works!! 

Do you:

  • Have a stagnant prayer/meditation life or none at all? 
  • Pray/meditate but don't get answers?
  • Want to experience the power of prayer/meditation but don't know how to unleash it? 

Want to get your prayer through? I will teach you how to unleash THE POWER.

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Cleanse your spirit and soul

I will teach you to unleash power you have always had.