I will release and transmute past vows from your energy field

release and transmute past vows from your energy field

About This Gig

Vows are sacred words that we speak to God. Generally, they involve our agreement to "do good things" as well as "not to do bad things". Depending upon the wording of the vow and the intention we held in our heart while making it in past lives, these "sacred promises of the past" may have been carried through many past lives right into our life now. 

At best, these vows may simply be no longer serving us. At worst, these vows may be actively interfering in our lives now by keeping us from being all we can be today. Since all time is now, the good news is that you can unload the baggage from past life vows you no longer need to carry.

In releasing the vows you empower yourself and balance karma with those who had any part of those vows. Not only are you assisting yourself, you are assisting others. You are relieved of many burdens you have been carrying for life times.

Some common vows we carry are:
Vow of poverty
Vow of celibacy/chastity
Vow of silence
Vow of Obedience